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Family Relationships

1. In your first few months or years of marriage, what have you most appreciated about your spouse’s parents in their relationship with you?

They are a huge help with the kids and to the best of my knowledge they don’t interfere! They’re always happy to see me and seem genuinely interested in what’s going on with me, etc.

2. With which in-law (e.g. brother-in-law, mother-in-law) do you feel closest? Most distant?

Kate’s parents. I feel most distant to her older siblings.

3. Have your parents-in-law been mostly a help or a hindrance in your early marriage?

Mostly a help!

4. In early marriage, couples need to find a way to “leave well” their family of origin. How do you feel that you are doing? How do you feel that your spouse is doing?

I think we had “left well” our families of origin long before we were married.

5. Cut-off has to do with no active relationship with the family of your youth. Do you fear or experience cut-off with your growing up family?

Absolutely not!