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Our Sexual Relationship

1. Do you feel pretty free to talk about your sexual needs, hopes and feelings with your spouse? Explain why it is hard to talk about sexual issues, if it is.


2. What are a few things that turn you on sexually? What are a few things that turn you off sexually?

I was going to just skip turn-ons, but I’ll just be vanilla about it instead. When she initiates it and it seems pretty urgent, enthusiasm, terrible language, enthusiastic/sloppy BJs, the threat of being caught, most things Kate does.

Turn offs generally: pillow princesses, bad hygiene, lack of enthusiasm, predictability.

3. Describe two or three places or situations that encourage lovemaking for you.

Basically any place or situation! When we’ve been apart for a while, or it’s risky, after making up, when I see her in the morning, etc.

4. How often do you expect to give and receive sexual intimacy with your partner? Are you feeling pretty comfortable with this decision?

If we were both home and didn’t have sex for a couple of days, I would probably start to wonder if something was wrong. I am super comfortable with that. 😎

5. How are you handling different levels of sexual desire in your marriage? Is this a conflict issue for you?

I don’t think it’s an issue.

6. What are your feelings about masturbation? Do you feel that this form of sexual expression builds or harms your marriage?

As long as it’s not all the time or over anything fucked up, I think it’s okay. I don’t think it harms my marriage.

7. How do you handle the inevitable temptation of sexual desire for someone else? Are you able to talk about this together?

I’m 100% confident that what I have at home is way better and more satisfying than extramarital sex could ever be. But I also wouldn’t put myself in a situation where I had to spend time alone or in a group with somebody I found attractive. When I used to have a lot of hookups on tour they were mainly arranged for me/us by assistants, etc., so naturally that doesn’t happen anymore, and when we do meet and greet type shit, everybody is told what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable behavior, etc.

If Kate were sexually attracted to somebody else, then I would expect her not to see that person and I would probably want to know how and why those feelings arose.

8. How comfortable are you with nakedness? Are you comfortable dressing or showering together?

Super comfortable.

9. Are you able to pray together as you are involved in a sexual relationship? Or, is your sexual intimacy separate from your spiritual intimacy?

We pray together all the time, yes.