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Weekly Experience Record

When things are bad

Weeky Experience Rarely Moderately Frequently
Anger, irritability, frustration A * K
Anxiety, worry, fear, dread A * K
Guilt, self-condemnation A * K
Hopelessness, despair A * K
Loneliness, isolation, cut-off A * K
Helplessness, weak * A K
Self-pity, “poor me” K A *
Inferiority, worthlessness A * K
Avoiding responsibility K A *
Undisciplined, procrastinating K A *
Attacking, defending K A *
Withdrawing, quitting A *
Abusing alcohol or drugs K A *
Overeating A * K
Smoking K A *
Sexual frustrations, upsets A * K
Complying to pressure A * K
Financial worries, fears A * K
Inability to achieve A * K

When things are good

Weeky Experience Rarely Moderately Frequently
Content with who I am K A
Optimistic about the future K A
Forgiving and willing to forget K A
Looking forward to new beginnings A K
Feeling connected K A
Strong and resourceful A K
Concern for others wellbeing A K
Feel valued and valuable K A
Taking responsibility A K
Disciplined and proactive A K
Conciliating, reconciling A K
Attending, connecting A K
High on life and living K A
Loving food A K
Loving indulgences K A
Sexual pleasures A K
Handling life’s pressure A K
Planning for a financial future A K
Able to achieve A K