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Giving And Receiving Love

1. How have you found that you give and receive love now since being married? Is this as you anticipated it? Better, worse or just different?

I think I probably give love in the same way I always have, which is through physical touch and words of affirmation because that’s what works best for me. I would like this to change, and I think it can.

2. What have been the surprises in the love that you have received? What have been the surprises in the love that you anticipated but have not received?

I’m always especially surprised and touched whenever Kate offers to do something nice for me when she’s busy or sick, etc.

3. Think of 3 ways that you would like your partner to love you that are realistic (it can be done), measurable (a number value can be put on it), not the result of a recent controversy or conflict (e.g. “Pick up your clothes and don’t throw them in the corner!”) and less than $10. Now write these down!

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say “she could tell me she loves me five times per day” for it to be measurable. She could tell me she loves me, give me zero personal space when we’re hanging out and watching TV in the house, etc., run her fingers through my hair, caress/stroke/rub/tickle my arms, belly, back, etc etc etc.

4. How do you like most to be touched? What parts of your body do you love to be massaged? Can you ask for this?

I most like to be touched everywhere all the time 🤷‍♂️. Fingernails with optional light scratching or fingertips on my arms, shoulders, neck, back, thighs I guess, but that’s more intimate*~, etc. I can ask for it!

5. What is your pattern for gift giving (at Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.)? Is this working for you? Would you like to make some changes?

I like to give the people I love extravagant but hopefully meaningful gifts. Kate has mentioned cutting back on it now that we have kids and have been together a long time so I should probably ask if that’s still the case.

6. Write down your favorite compliment that your spouse has ever given you.

I think it’s probably still that I’m a sexy idiot.