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How many children will we have?

Now that we have two I wish we’d just gone all in eight years ago and now had five or six. But I’m good with the number of (perfect) children we have.

Do you have gender preferences?

I always thought I’d be disappointed if I didn’t have a boy but I’m not.

What would you be willing to sacrifice to ensure the wellbeing of your children?


What religion, if any, will we raise our children?

None, but I guess they can choose whatever.

Who will be the disciplinarian?

It should be shared. I actually think my wife could probably do with a break from it.

Will we send them to private or public school?


Will one of us stay at home to raise the children?


Is termination an option if the child is found to be disabled in utero?

This wasn’t an issue but it’s an interesting subject to me. I wouldn’t want my child to suffer.

Will we give them allowance?

Yes, hopefully a small one.

Will we set limits on privileges?

Yes, even though implementing that wasn’t really a strong suit for my parents, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

Where do we stand on junk food, video games…? If yes, how much is acceptable?

Everything in moderation.

What kind of hobbies would you like to offer/encourage for them?

Art, music, sports, whatever the fuck they want.

What age do you feel is appropriate to start drinking alcohol?

Ugh. If they are anything like me then they’ll probably start young and I don’t think it’s realistic to imagine we would be able to stop it. I would try to make sure they understand the risks and drink in moderation.

What do you consider quality time as a family?

Being out in nature, I can’t wait until we can all go to watch the Lakers together, cooking, playing together.

What things about your own family and your in-laws values do you want to avoid passing on to children?

I would like them to inherit their mother’s realism and rationality.

Are you okay with the current volume of pets? Do you feel you should have more/less?

Always room for one or two more.

Money 💰

Who’s going to handle the finances?

A qualified professional.

What are some of your financial priorities?

Making sure my family is provided for, donating to charity, paying a sensible amount of tax.

Who will be responsible for the budgeting?

A qualified professional! And our consciences.

What is your spending style? Are you a spender or a saver? Can you save if you have to?

I have always been a big spender. When I was younger and poorer I never had any money because I spent it all on having fun, but now I think we lead a comfortable and not too excessive lifestyle.

How are you financially preparing for retirement?

Happy that somebody else is doing that for me.

Does one of us want a career change in the future? How would we finance that?

I think we could both retire and be comfortable for the rest of our lives, so.

Household stuff… I think?

What chores are expected of your partner?

I don’t expect my partner to do anything!

Where will we live after we retire?

Depends when we retire! If my wife wanted to share time between California and anywhere else I would be down for that.

What will the bride’s last name be after the wedding?

She can refer to herself however she wants!

Do you tell your partner everything? Are having secrets okay? What issues are okay to keep secret?

Historically, I have not told my partner everything. I used to think that some secrets were okay, like say if I didn’t really like one of her friends, etc, but now I believe that it’s better to find a way to talk about that kind of stuff tactfully. I know that Kate would always rather deal with however I am honestly feeling than have me making decisions to spare her feelings, etc.

Sex again?

Do you feel satisfied with the way that your sexual relationship plays out from day to day?

Yes, I do.

Is there anything that your partner is not doing sexually that you wish they would do more?

Other than not being on tour with me always, no.

How far would you be willing to go sexually to satisfy your partner? What boundaries do you have that you never wish to cross or at least would be extremely hesitant about trying?

I think anything to do with pee is about where I draw the line. I’d try pretty much anything else.